What was the main concept of bringing the term Conveyancing in use?

Building on the system of notification officers, a national database of information about children that agencies can input information and check against, would be a valuable resource. For this to be effective, all agencies involved with children and families need to be adequately resourced with IT equipment. We consider that The Department for Work and Pensions should be obliged to contact notification officers of new arrivals. We feel it should be every child’s expectation and right to a GP registration and full-time education. It is the duty of those providers of services i.e. PCTs and Education Authorities to ensure that children receive such services.

They need to receive priority for independent support services such as Independent Visitors. It would be essential for such supporters, befrienders and advocates of children, to be competent in communicating with them. We believe that the child protection process should be made relevant to parents. Most parents want children to be safe but parents need to be properly informed and facilitated to participate and contribute to initiatives that would safeguard children in the immediate and long term.

NCH observes that mainstream services could learn much from community driven government initiatives such as Sure Start, which employ creative approaches that engages local communities. We also consider that individuals on ACPCs need to have sufficient knowledge practice experience and inter-disciplinary links, to be able to adequately represent their agencies. ACPCs should also widen the range of representatives from local voluntary services. NCH would welcome the development of common standards for making and receiving information about children e.g. This would enable the general public to pass on their concerns in a format that receiving agencies such as social services could recognise, comprehend and react to appropriately.

We feel it is important to note that The Care Standards Act in England and Wales is introducing new guidance and regulation for aspects of social care. As part of this, the importance of specifying management skills in child care is being identified. NCH regards it as crucial to learn from the success of schemes such as The Children Fund and Sure Start. Learn more: Act Conveyancing Sydney

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