What all things matter the most in the process of Conveyancing?

The workshops are structured so that, upon completion, the work should be organised in a professional portfolio format, ready for submission to the commissioning editor of a broadcasting organisation. The course is taught by Linda Sever who started her broadcasting career as a BBC documentary researcher and went on to direct a number of documentaries including the award-winning BBC 2 French Revolution series of films.

She is currently senior lecturer in Audio Visual Media at the University of Central Lancashire and has recently completed writing the documentation of an MA in Documentary Film Production. This Crafts Council seminar, which is part of the Council’s Creative Exchange Programme, aims to help develop a positive dialogue between galleries and artists by discussing the positive and negative aspects of the relationship between artists and galleries. Areas that will be covered include the comparative pricing of work, communication and schedules, solo exhibitions and promotional literature. Learn More: Enact Settlement Agents Perth

This study day will consider all aspects of the study and teaching of sculpture and topics will include the formal curriculum and how it has changed, the opportunities created by the Rome Scholarships in Sculpture, the importance of more established sculptors in providing ‘on the job’ training for their assistants, and the role of teaching to supplement income for professional sculptors. Building on the seminar work for disabled artists and consultants held in December 2002 and March 2003, two further seminars are to be held this December. Marketing Yourself and Creating an Audience for your work’ for disabled artists will take place in Cumbria and will be developed around the seminar that took place at Manchester Art Gallery last December.

The seminar is intended to provide the opportunity to discuss with a variety of speakers and presenters, techniques and ways to selfpromote and to create an audience for their work. This will be a practical workshop and will give participants the opportunity to work with established consultants, network with other consultants and practitioners, and work through individual issues. The Arts Marketing Association was formed in November 1993 and this conference is being held to mark the organisation’s tenth anniversary. The conference will feature some of the most popular speakers from past AMA events and will also offer networking opportunities.

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