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Lindsey said he believes most of the theaters, museums and other nonstate agencies provide a good service to children, but it’s a luxury the state can no longer afford.I hope eventually there will be a realization that this is a vital part of the school year for many children.At the Children’s Hands-On Museum in Tuscaloosa, executive director Miah Michaelsen said plans “will have plans,” Michaelsen said.She said the Tuscaloosa museum serves many children in the state’s economically depressed Black Belt region.We would¬†conveyancer adelaide have hoped to see a more gradual step-down in funding than one year and you’re out.

While the House takes up the education budget, the Senate Finance and Taxation-General Fund Committee meets Wednesday to consider a House-passed bill that would double the state’s 16.5-cents-a-pack cigarette tax.Committee Chairman Roger Bedford, D-Russellville, said the committee is considering adding as much as 5 cents more to the version approved by the House.Wednesday also will be the first opportunity for of a state trust fund for capital improvements and industrial recruitment.McInnes refused to identify the builders who offered him perks.

Before they voted against the transportation-commission bill, McInnes said, Bedford, Means and Penn visited him to lobby for more road projects in their districts.Penn, who sits on the Joint Transportation Committee, said Monday that “with the joint committee not having more authority, I feel like sometimes my hands are tied.”Penn was not apologetic about his pre-vote visit with McInnes. Indeed, he said,

his desire to help his constituents is central to his desire for a Legislature-controlled transportation department.Any legislator worth his salt would want to be in a position to help his constituents out to the best of his ability.If ever I am in a position to help my district, I’m definitely going to try to do that,” Penn said.But I also see how, even if the purpose is to take politics out, there would still be some political involvement if the governor appoints the commission members,” Penn said.

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