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By making this link visitors will enjoy the complete visitor experience of the scenic Gunnislake branch line and Tamar Valley, right through to Cotehele. We are often being asked by our visitors how to reach Cotehele by rail. Before we had to advise that the only way was by foot from Calstock. very picturesque but quite a long walk along the river and up a steep hill through the woods. Now, thanks to this new link, Cotehele is accessible to has been operating in the Gunnislake area since July 2002 and its popularity has been steadily growing. The scheme also operates in 3 other areas of north, east and mid Cornwall, providing links to other core transport routes within its designated zones.  Read more: Enact Conveyancing Brisbane

A new strategy is unveiled this week which hopes to be a catalyst for change and ‘make a difference’ to Cornwall towns and villages. Its official launch will use the village of St. Agnes as an example of how people power and partnership can create stronger communities. The Cornwall Community Strategy, entitled Making a Difference, is a blueprint for Cornwall’s future which has resulted from eighteen months of countywide consultation.

Discussion of the key issues facing communities, and examination of existing strategies and examples of best practice. This document is, arguably, one of the most important ever produced in Cornwall. Although this country already brims with numerous examples of innovation, good service delivery and effective partnerships. Our challenge from here on is to ensure this blueprint is applied widely and with enthusiasm, making sure Cornwall’s communities become stronger and more sustainable. Friday’s launch when the strategy Making a Difference is available for the first time – will provide an invited audience with a guide to the Community Strategy, and bring it to life using the village of St.

Agnes near Truro as a case study. In an introductory video specially made for the launch event by media students from Truro College, interviews with Sue Herman of the Parish Council. pub landlady Emma Hough and youth centre manager Karen Gallagher paint a picture of a community which has shared facilities and a shared outlook. Community Strategy Officer Helen Nicholson, who was appointed in 2001 to create and coordinate the partnership, says.

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